New Jersey Jiu Jitsu League is in development



479px BJJ Brown Belt.svgRecently, due to an injury, I haven't been able to train and it SUCKS!  As a result, I approached Jiu Jitsu the same way anyone with an unnatural obsession would, I immersed myself in every other aspect of it I could.  I watched training videos, competition videos, fights, instructionals, etc.  Then I stumbled on Metamoris.  Metamoris is brilliant.  No points, submission only!  I loved it.  Then I started wondering how I could compete in something similar and there's not really anything out there like it.  So I decided to make one.  And here we are.479px BJJ Purple Belt.svg

I'm going to test to see how this ends up wrapping the text around my pictures.  Please forgive the appearance and content of this site as I am currently just trying to figure out how this all works without actually adding any meaningful content right now.  Why are you still reading?  I clearly don't have anything important to say.  As I said I'm just testing something out right now.